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A Architecture creates “meaning”, signs a territory and weaves deep connections between ourselves, our environments, our work and our relationships. Architecture creates aesthetic, social and environmental value by modifying the space in which it inserts itself; transforming it.

As Architects we are proposing a project, a continual “work in progress” that brings into formulation a vision, the development of an identity and finally a project with a unique character. Our architectural objective is to always think within the entirety of its work as well as its inter-spatial relationships. Each aspect is developed with passion and coherence resulting in aesthetic choices made precisely in accordance with sustainable environments and an ever evolving ‘know how’ technology obtaining a balanced and harmonious result.

Therefore we see each new work endeavour as a refreshing task of finding solutions, so that each idea transforms itself into a useful, lasting and meaningful achievement.

In order to truly meet the requirements of the buyer and respond fully to our clients’ questions, our approach is to first and foremost listen to their necessities and needs. It is in this way that the projected architectural result begins to take form and reveals its identity through the collaboration process between both parties. A collaboration rich with suggestions and ideas, the project will be realized based on shared principals and growth.a continual “work in progress” that brings into formulation a vision

Our competences, energy, dedication and reliability are supported by a qualified group of professional craftsmen as well as efficient management from our sales representative who, throughout each phase of development until the final outcome, are both dedicated to respecting deadlines, maintaining the quality of objectives and arrangements with the clients.
Today we are looking to present our work to a wider public because we believe that the quality of our work, above and beyond our tireless efforts also depends on the who people we encounter along the way.

Barbara Balassone

Pesaro, 1970

Diploma, Artistic Highschool of Pesaro, 1988.

Architecture graduate, I.U.A.V. (University of Architecture Institute, Venice), 1996.

Immediately after the completion of my degree in 1997, I attended the doctorate of research program with ERASMUS in San Sebastian, Spain whereby as group leader, I developed a “masterplan” for the redevelopment of the Pasaja bay that received second place amidst numerous other participants.

Parallel to my professional activity and competence in the sector of design, has brought me to partecipate in numerous international competitions, developing furnishing pieces; particularly chairs, tables and benches.

In 2001, following a meeting with Franco Barbieri, a well-known artist from Pesaro, I deepened my artistic research in the field of informal painting by refining a personal style through the constant study of materials and techniques. My work has been displayed in various painting exhibitions both collectively and individually, thanks to which I have received successful reviews from critics and the public. I have also been granted registered acknowledgement amongst art dealers.